doo-wop,doo wop,doowop,oldies,dusties,fifties,Christmas,CDs,MP3,Street Gold,record labels,videos,acappella,Gary Indiana

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doo-wop,doo wop,doowop,oldies,dusties,fifties,Christmas,CDs,MP3,Street Gold,record labels,videos,acappella,Gary Indiana
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Welcome to Street Gold Records

Henry Farag, Founder & Owner

Welcome to StreetGold Records we have a great selection of doo wop, oldies, fifties and classic rock music Cd's and cassette tapes. We also have a nice selection of Classic oldies video and DVD's. Be sure to check out the posters and other items in our online store.

For doo-wop, Christmas music, or classic rock for kids or adults alike you'll find the best in CDs and tapes, year round, at Street Gold Records!
Suite For My Sweets
The acappella group originally from Gary, IN is releasing a new album, Suite for My Sweets. A primarily acappella, 12 song suite of Doo-Wop, R&B, and a tad of Neo-Soul. Highlighting the collection is a rousing version of the Commodores’, Night Shift along with two originals detailing some beginnings of Rock ‘n Roll: Rendezvous on Euclid Avenue – the story of the first Rock ‘n Roll concert ever - Alan Freed’s, “Moondog Coronation Ball”, and Pookie’s Song – the story of Vivian Carter, founder of Vee Jay Records and her first hit makers, Pookie Hudson & The Spaniels.

Doo Wop Yule Pop
Featuring classic and traditional seasonal favorites plus original compositions. This new album from Stormy Weather leads off with a treasure: a recording of "HardRock, Coco & Joe." Never heard of it? A film short featuring the song that has aired at Christmas on Chicago's WGN-TV for almost half a century, its the waltz-time tune about Santa's elves and is an unmistakable harbinger of the holiday season. Smoothly performed by the singers of Stormy Weather "Doo-Wop Yule Pop" has become a Christmas tradition of its own.
"Street Carols" Street Carols
This album consists of newly recorded material plus a good number of original selections, something you rarely find these days...mostly a cappella with a few of the finest street musicians for good measures. "Street Carols" is a story of Christmas music that owes everything to Broadway and South Michigan Avenue. What started out as the group, Stormy Weather's album, quickly escalated to include and feature our good friends...the artists that set the pace. That changed everything. Don't miss this Holiday Classic, a must for your seasonal collection.
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doo-wop, doo wop, doowop, oldies, fifties, Christmas, CDs, MP3, Street Gold, record labels, videos, a cappella, Gary Indiana